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Jan. 6th, 2010

I finished reading Next by Michael Crichton last night.  I got State of Fear for christmas but i had Next for a little while and just never got to it and since it was shorter than State of Fear i decided to read it first because i knew i was just going to pretty much read for the next 2 or 3 days and i didn't want to read something so long that i'd totally isolate myself in favor of finishing the book.  anyway it was a bit odd, pretty good though.  there were a lot of different story lines but most of them came together in the end.  there were basically two big times of plots coming together and the first one was kind of unnecessary if you ask me.  there were like 8 story lines, 2 or 3 combined at one point and the rest combined at the end.   the story with Ellis was kind of blah.  some of the stuff that seemed unnecessary were taken from real stories (like the whole human chimera story and theft of bones in morgues)
i did find the little "news stories" in the middle distracting.  i think there were just too many of them. 
but the story was unusual and intersting, probably not the best he's written but still kept me curious and left me satisified at the end.  as always he raised a lot of ethical questions and brought attention to the increasing financial and political influences on science. 
anyway that is book 7 out of 10 for goal #3

i need to add 4 goals for 2010 and do a full year update.  also need to update/refine some goals i've already got  on the list.  i'll get to it eventually