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Dec. 28th, 2009

saw Avatar with Aleks saturday/yesterday.   it was EPIC.  oh man so fucking awesome.  i'm like depressed that my life is not that movie.  we saw it in 3D but not in imax because when i went to buy the tickets online imax was sold out until the 1 am showing and we would have gotten home at like 4 which isn't totally acceptable for going to see a movie, especially since i had family stuff to do today but 3D is super amazing.  if you have the choice see it in 3D.  i want to be a 10 ft tall blue person!   when i first heard about it i thought it was going to be all about the graphics and that the plot was going to suck and the characters were going to be lame.  i was completely wrong.  it was all amazing.  i could pretty much go on forever about how awesome it was. 
oh man though, going to a mall the saturday/day after christmas not a good idea.  i expected it to be bad but not nearly as bad as it was. 
that's movie #36