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so i've been slacking off as far as updates go, not just in general but also with my 101 stuff.

so okay here it goes

weekend of aug 7 we went up to boston for lauren's bday which was awesome and drunken lol. anyway we went to a restaurant called "the other side cafe," it was full of the vegan hipsters that Rachel hearts so she suggested it heh. it also had a number of beers available, i tried the "dale's pale ale" it was a little bitter for my tastes, the pale ale lauren ordered was a little less bitter and i preferred that but i can't remember what it was called. rachel had a hard cider, i think it was "original sin" it was really good and aleks had a beer and i can't really remember the name, it was like "the end of the world" or something like that, it had a really clovey taste. the chicken quesadilla was really good. anyway that was the 8th of august and that finishes goal #21 so "the other side cafe" is restaurant 5 of 5.

before coming back to school i went to the zoo with my sister, sister-in-law, mom and my nephews. we went to the turtle back zoo. it was cute, nicky fell asleep at some point but he's still little so it makes sense. we took them on the train ride thing and they had fun. it was really hot out so most of the animals were just chilling & trying to stay cool. mark was excited to see the cougar and the leopard because he really likes tigers and since they didn't have any tigers and he's only 2 the cougar and the leopard were close enough heh. that was on aug 27 so that takes care of #17.

saw 2 movies that i haven't noted yet; of course the reason i haven't noted the second one is because i just saw it tonight. first movie is "Pumpkinhead 4: blood fued." evan, michkor, jen and i were looking for a bad horror movie and oh man we found it, this one was awesomely bad. there's really an art to selecting a good bad horror movie because you don't want a movie that's just bad because there are plenty of movies that are bad and are just boring, you need to find a movie that is funny/entertainingly bad. pumpkinhead 4 definitely fits into the latter category, i highly recomend, it was pretty sweet. movie #29
i also saw "Nine" tonight with my suitemate Kristina, her friend Jim, and one of his friends. her and jim got these things in their email, like those things people are always handing out on the street where you get a free viewing of a movie when you present the flyer.  it's usually for the day/night before openning.  the one they got was for 2 free people so kristina invited me and i'm glad she did because it was pretty cool and i had fun with her and jim, they are also rather cool =)  as far as the movie one of my first thoughts was that the look of machines reminded me of the machines from "War of the Worlds." overall it was good, i kind of expected a different ending and i can't decide if i prefer my idea of the ending or the actual ending.  i was confused about one or two things/i wasn't totally sure why some of the things were done the way that they were plot-wise but it didn't bother me enough that it kept me from enjoying the movie so it is acceptable.  that sounds so strange "it is acceptable" you know what i mean.  movie #30

And unrelated to my 101 goals I am going to note my favorites so far of top chef so far this season:
i like jen because she's not a bitch for no reason; when she is "bitchy" it's so she can get stuff done. she knows how to take control and direct the group and she has no problem asserting herself but she isn't up there starting drama.
i also like Ash, he's funny/adorable. i dig his sense of humor.
i think the brothers are going to make for some interesting television, even more so than the couple that was on either last season or the season before, i can't remember. the lesbian couple, everyone thought that was going to be hardcore drama and stuff because they're in a relationship but they're competing but it ending up not being a big deal at all really because i mean they're in a relationship so obviously they care about each other, like each other and respect each other. brothers are naturally competitive, especially these 2, and they clearly haven't been the closest recently, i don't know if they have the best blood between them and i think that'll make it interesting.  in a relationship the two people chose to be together but brothers are forced together...i'll watch what happens
mike isabella is definitely the douche of the season, he kind of made a point to make sure everyone knew he was an asshole right away

man, i knew the popcorn was going to make me sick but i had it anyway; it's been a really long time since i've had movie popcorn+it's really good once in a while.  ugh i'm nausous.
going to free movie with roommate = good idea, eating movie theater popcorn = bad idea



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Oct. 29th, 2009 02:49 am (UTC)
i would also like to add that i've been growing especially fond of kevin
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