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Just finished reading Congo by Michael Crichton.  It was good but it felt a little anti-climatic, maybe i've been reading/watching too many thriller type things lately.  maybe it was the way i read it, the way i broke it up or something.  i think the main reason it felt anti-climatic was because of the way it was split into days, i suppose it worked for Timeline because it was all a matter of time but with this one i don't know but i was kind of like "okay so this thing already happened, what the hell else could go on?" and i guess it's interesting but it's still a little less dramatic than it could have been.  however i really enjoyed reading it and i liked the characters (as characters, i'm not saying i personally liked them)
this book didn't have the whole genetic engineering stuff he usually has in his books but it was still freaky, maybe even freakier because the rain forest is fucking scary as hell and it's there, instead of in his other books where humans are doing all these crazy science things that create hte problems the jungle is already there.  all humans need to do is stop destroying it
everytime i see or read anything about the rain forest i get freaked out.  basically EVERYTHING in that region is trying to kill you.  scary man
book #8 for goal #3