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just watched "The Departed"
that movie is fucking intense man, it's long but awesome, it totally deserved all the hype it got. i'd only seen the beginning before but i just watched the whole thing now, wow.
i feel a little off about the end like i'm glad about what happened but i don't know some part of it just seemed lacking. it sort of seemed like "okay this needs to happen and we should end the movie, let's do it...now." i have mixed feelings about it.

i did have the simpsons parody ending in my head at the very very end where they show the rat and the state house (no real spoiler there i think because it's just a shot and doesn't give you anything about what actually happens in the movie) and just how in the simpsons one there is a rat at the end too and ralph goes "the rat symbolizes obviousness" which jumped into my head at the moment and i had to laugh about. 

anyway that's movie #33